In the aftermath of hurricane Harvey there is so much to think about and much more work needing to be done. If you are a business owner, in upper level management, head of your company’s HR department or someone just wanting to help those affected with the clean-up process, I know you probably have many questions right now that need answers. We understand the importance of this and want to help you with that process.

We have compiled the following information for you:

  1. Health Concerns Following a Hurricane or Flood: Beyond physical stress, mental & emotional stress runs high during and after a disaster. It is important you have resources to cope with the experience so you can move on.
  2. Donating to Disasters and Avoiding Scams: The outpouring of generosity & support in the wake of #hurricaneharvey is just phenomenal. So many individuals and organizations have come forward to donate time and money to the relief efforts with more and more donations daily! It’s sad that in a time like this some would try to take advantage of others, but unfortunately it happens. This is some information to help you make an informed decision, should you want to make a donation.
  3. Restoring Your Business After a Flood: Even with extensive preparations you may have flood damage to your business. This information can help you clean up and minimize potential future damage.
  4. Assisting Employees in the Workplace after a Crisis: There is no way to sugar coat this. #hurricaneharvey has been a traumatic experience for us all. Employees are returning to work, some out of want others out of necessity. It is a good idea for your HR department to have resources and a plan to help employees as they return to work.

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Future Planning

We are all hoping that nothing this catastrophic happens again, but the reality is we should be prepared for it. If you'd like more information from Clarus Benefits on ways to be prepared, please let us know!

Here is an article from Employee Benefit Advisor discussing a couple of the steps our principal, Cary Goss, took to prepare. http://bit.ly/2f3AIiQ

With hurrican Irma heading toward Florida, we know so many are preparing to evacute and might be wondering what needs to be done to maintain communication with employees & clients, as well as having business continue to opperate. In this article from Employee Benefit Advisor our principal, Cary Goss, shares his advice & reflections hoping to help others! http://bit.ly/2wPeXel